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About Me

     I'm Marcelo Storino Mortimer, a music-producer, sound-designer & engineer with 20 years of audio experience. Graduated from the Swedish 'Linnaeus University' in a 3 years Music-Production & Sound-Design program, as well as a 2 years Music-Production & Sound-Engineering program at PointBlank London. 

     During my university studies in Sweden, I was welcomed as an engineer trainee at the mighty Pama Studios, known for their extensive resume producing Billboard hits for the last 20 years and being one of the most cutting edge recording studios in Sweden.

     Fresh-off finishing my program at Linnaeus University in 2016, I got invited to work at Skogen Studio, a fully equipped recording studio located in the Swedish country side, run by professional drummer and music-producer, Martin Öhman alongside professional touring drummer, sound-engineer and music-producer Ottilia Säll.

     But in 2019 I decided to part ways with Skogen Studio, to open my own Analog Mastering & Mixing services, 'Dub On Audio' and focus on what I’m most passionate about and well-versed. I also produce my own music, my solo project is called  'dreamAwaken' and I also have a project together with my friend Switchbox, called 'low&'.

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