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Stereo Analog Master

50 €

if applicable

Discounts for 3 or more tracks, please get in touch.


8 Stems

70 €

if applicable

This is a great option if you want to give me extra control over the elements of your song




The price is entirely dependable on project complexity and size, please get in touch for an evaluation.


How to prepare your audio!

  • Wave/ Aiff

  • 32 bit preferably

  • Please bounce your final mix at the same sample rate you have been working at. So if you have been mixing and recording at 48000Hz, print the files at the same rate. Let me take care of conversions.

  • Do not use any processing in the master channel, that is my job!

  • Keep your master fader at zero db and have your highest peaks hitting around -6 to -4db and keep in mind that a mix with a relatively low 'crest factor' will help the master to get louder in a healthier way.

  • Before you send the file, listen carefully to it and check for glitches and noises that shouldn't be there and when sending stems, make sure the stereo channels carry all the information from your track and that they play correctly in time together.

  • File transfer can be made with Wetransfer or Dropbox (or your preferred site).

  • If you own a label and are looking for a consistent mastering engineer, hit me up and I will master one of your tracks cost free.

  • I wanna make sure you are satisfied with the results, so you get up to a few revisions for no additional costs.

  • Payments can be securely made online worldwide through 'Paypal', 'Bank Transfer' and also 'Swish' in Sweden.

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