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High-quality Mastering Services at a modest cost.

As a producer myself I know how frustrating it can be, after putting so much time and effort into making a piece of music, to finally send it for mastering with high hopes of getting that final polish, depth and glue but instead what you get back is just something that is loud although lifeless and over compressed.
Although referencing is very useful, one can not force a track into taking the shape of another reference material, each song is unique and the producer’s vision has to be respected, with that in mind, I wanna bring forward the best aspects of your music, giving it clarity, warmth and depth while making it loud & proud! Get in touch if you wanna hear examples!

Some Labels Featuring Our Work

The Studio

dreamAwaken production

Located in the Swedish country side, the studio has been designed to accommodate all the needs of making a professional record, all the way from an idea to the final mastered version, while keeping audio quality as a priority.

The room is acoustically treated and optimised for true and reliable audio playback using high-quality mid-field Eve Audio SC307 speakers coupled with an Eve TS110 subwoofer. Antelope's duo, Orion32+ and Pure2 A/D mastering converter ensure faithful translation and conversions between digital & analog.

My system is a so called ‘hybrid’ where I can explore the best of both analog & digital worlds. The studio is equipped with high-end audio processors such as vintage style tube & transistors compressors and eqs, classic analog synths & fx machines, many indispensable plugins and most importantly a reliable pair of ears! To ensure a clean signal between my equipment and computer I use high quality Custom Lynx gold connector cables.

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